Chasing Memories

Jack Campbell is a young, ambitious programmer with his sights set on greatness. Karen Gotz just wants to escape her small village and make a life for herself in the big city. What fate has in store is different than either could have imagined.

The Recent Graduate's Guide to Freelance Writing

Have you ever dreamed of having your name featured in a magazine or newspaper article? Want to work from home and be your own boss? Here's how.


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  • I Know 2 AM

    It’s 1:34 AM, Eastern Standard Time.
    I hoped to be asleep exactly one hour and thirty four minutes ago. That has thus far eluded me, so instead I sit here on my bed with music drifting softly from the speakers.
    I don’t […]

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  • How to Use the Pomodoro Method to Write Faster

    I’ve been a long time fan of the Pomodoro Method.
    The idea is to set a timer (usually for 25 minutes) and do nothing but write. No editing, no social media, no texting. Fingers to keyboard the entire time, shutting out […]

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  • The Origin of Storytelling

    I’ve spent the past month traveling all over the United States. I’ve got about three more weeks before I go back home for a much-deserved rest.
    During these travels, I’ve been asked the same question several times: what made you want […]

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